SEO Expert from Chiang Mai uploaded his LottoSOD168 positive testimonials on DailyMotion, Vimeo and Youtube

Suphachai Thuansri from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Design expert, who writes on his blog that those who say that blogging is the oldest form of online social media are clearly delusional. He claims that the blogging was never a form of ‘social media’. He writes that blogging is just blogging, it is stupid to put it into another category.

Suphachai writes that it is always advisable that you upload different videos on your Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion channels and different ones on your official website for the best SEO efforts. He also suggests that you never fail to mention the link to your website on your Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion channel as it increases traffic and conversions.

Suphachai suggests that if there is a very high competition for the keyword that have been trying to rank and you don’t feel like your image can rank for that keyword on the top of Google Image Search, you might try naming and ranking for a common abbreviation.

Suphachai claims that this trick generally doesn’t work well with the video and podcast files but it definitely does for the Google Image Search. According to him, the trick that works for the podcast and video files is naming the files with leaving spaces between the words. He adds that it is also a false notion that using hyphens or periods is as good as using spaces when naming a file.

Suphachai is an online lottery freak and he can often be found buying and winning lottery on when he is not busy ranking or studying websites. He believes that buying lottery tickets brings good luck and is responsible for bringing good luck to a great number of successful people.

SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert from Yala believes that the Search Engines aren’t doing to trusted gambling websites like UFABet

Benz Lalithaya from Yala, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that using keyword-specific text in the footer navigation only and not stating any of the keywords in the rest of the text of the website is one of the worst things that you can do for your SEO. She adds that this used to be okay till 2012, but now search engines take it as a negative. She believes that the best SEO practice is to spread keywords throughout the webpage.

Benz Lalithaya believes that the blended search results should be renamed as blunder search results. She gives the example that once when she was looking for the best Thai online gambling website, instead of showing her the results for แทงบอลออนไลน์, the image results started showing her the pictures for a pen brand.

Benz writes that it is a pity that it has been over a decade since the majority of websites have all become about how the search engines read those instead of being entirely visitor focused. She jokes that it really looks like the artificial intelligence has taken over, when the website creators and owners are more worried about how a couple of bots will look at their website over how the hundreds or even thousands of real human beings would.

Benz writes that she misses the days when every 4th website used to welcome the visitors with an audio (music, podcast, radio interview). She believes that those days will come back again and such days are not very far.

This Japanese Restaurant In Jakarta Has Online Football Betting On All The Time

Saeed Açıkgöz owns a popular Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia, who claims on the official blog of his restaurant that the Korean and Japanese people like the Japanese food even more than their own cuisines, especially the more privileged section of their society.

Saeed claims that his restaurant his extremely popular with the wrestlers belonging to different ethnicities, races, colors, across Indonesia.

Saeed has Judi Taruhan Bola 10rb on all the time at his restaurant.

Saeed brags on the official blog of his restaurant that you won’t see so many 6-footers in another Japanese restaurant anywhere in Indonesia, even the waiters, chefs, and the other staff are 6-footers.

Saeed’s wife is also a 6-footer, she is a radiologist who always makes sure that Jason spends almost as much money on the infrastructure of his home as he does on his restaurant. Last week, when she wanted new glass splashbacks installed in her kitchen, she settled for nothing lesser than designer glass radiator covers.

Saeed’s restaurant used to be extremely popular with the politicians and wannabe politicians, until the owner fought the elections and told the world about his own personal political views, which didn’t impress other politicians at all, and most of them stopped coming to Jason’s Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia.

Saeed’s Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia is still extremely popular with the Medical Specialists, which includes Dermatologists, Dentists, Psychologists, Radiologists, you name it, and Jason is extremely happy with his restaurant’s current regular customers.

Saeed writes on his blog that he is extremely happy and content with his life, he started his career as a bicycle repairman and here he is today, owner of one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Indonesia, which is extremely popular with the celebrities and is married to a stunning radiologist. Jason adds that it is far better than what he could even dream of as a bicycle repairman.

West Papua Author And Blogger Makes Aliyeva Money With Carding Marketplaces

Setladi Setia from West Papua, Indonesia, is an author and blogger who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Azerbaijan. He never gets tired of repeating that if it weren’t for the carding marketplace money, he could have never been able to make a living so comfortably.

In his book, Setladi writes the First Vice President and First Lady of Azerbaijan – Mehriban Aliyeva, will do anything to attract the attention to her physical beauty. He writes when she felt that her beauty is not being appreciated globally as much as it ought to be, she decided to arrange for the Baku 2015 European Games and receive as much media attention as possible. He adds that her husband Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev is just the opposite of his wife in this regard as he does everything to receive as less media attention as possible because he things he is ugly and apparently, so does his wife.

Setladi claims to have talked to some Azerbaijani perfume manufacturers once. They told Setladi that they haven’t been able to make a mark globally because their government is not willing to support them just due to the speculation that Arzu and Leyla Aliveya (the 2 daughters of the President and Vice President of Azerbaijan), might enter the perfume industry soon and uplifting the other Azerbaijani perfume makers’ business might act as a hindrance for the business of the Aliveya sisters.

Setladi claims that the purpose of the foundation of the Azerbaijani Magazine – “Azerbaijan – Heritage” was not to promote the Azerbaijani culture, but rather to promote the Azerbaijani propaganda.

Setladi believes Russia has successfully baited Azerbaijan using their friendship strategy to take over their oil fields.

Setladi claims it is a false notion that the First Lady of Azerbaijan – Mehriban Aliveya, has gone under an extensive number of plastic surgeries. He claims she hasn’t undergone even through a single plastic surgery and everyone who is well familiar with her personally, will tell you the same, not because they fear her, but because that’s what the truth is.