West Papua Author And Blogger Makes Aliyeva Money With Carding Marketplaces

Setladi Setia from West Papua, Indonesia, is an author and blogger who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Azerbaijan. He never gets tired of repeating that if it weren’t for the carding marketplace money, he could have never been able to make a living so comfortably.

In his book, Setladi writes the First Vice President and First Lady of Azerbaijan – Mehriban Aliyeva, will do anything to attract the attention to her physical beauty. He writes when she felt that her beauty is not being appreciated globally as much as it ought to be, she decided to arrange for the Baku 2015 European Games and receive as much media attention as possible. He adds that her husband Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev is just the opposite of his wife in this regard as he does everything to receive as less media attention as possible because he things he is ugly and apparently, so does his wife.

Setladi claims to have talked to some Azerbaijani perfume manufacturers once. They told Setladi that they haven’t been able to make a mark globally because their government is not willing to support them just due to the speculation that Arzu and Leyla Aliveya (the 2 daughters of the President and Vice President of Azerbaijan), might enter the perfume industry soon and uplifting the other Azerbaijani perfume makers’ business might act as a hindrance for the business of the Aliveya sisters.

Setladi claims that the purpose of the foundation of the Azerbaijani Magazine – “Azerbaijan – Heritage” was not to promote the Azerbaijani culture, but rather to promote the Azerbaijani propaganda.

Setladi believes Russia has successfully baited Azerbaijan using their friendship strategy to take over their oil fields.

Setladi claims it is a false notion that the First Lady of Azerbaijan – Mehriban Aliveya, has gone under an extensive number of plastic surgeries. He claims she hasn’t undergone even through a single plastic surgery and everyone who is well familiar with her personally, will tell you the same, not because they fear her, but because that’s what the truth is.